RCC Student Ministry exists to model and explore the life of Jesus Christ. At RCC, you will find a loving group of Christ-followers actively seeking to glorify the one and true God.

When Christ died on the cross, he beckoned us to live as he did. He calls us to three challenging missions:

  1. LOVE GOD with all your heart, mind, and soul.
  2. LOVE OTHERS as you love yourself.

Our focus as a student ministry is to partner with parents to help families “model and explore the life of Jesus Christ.” The three missions above are the “nuts and bolts” that make our focus possible. Together as followers of Christ, we are called to serve and love every person we can while living as redeemed people. We help by providing resources and relationships to students, so that faith is passed on to the next generation.

We have yearly scheduled events which include retreats, student conferences, week-long trips for hiking in Colorado, mission trips, local outings, summer camp, and community-based outreach. All of these activities are aimed at achieving one or more of the three missions above.

Weekly Meeting Times:
Sunday mornings we provide a rich environment of worship, learning, and conversation through our church worship service and bible classes. Worship begins each Sunday at 9 AM and our Bible class starts immediately after worship.

Wednesday evenings is RCC’s Family Time. We gather for an intergenerational meal, activity, and devotional every week at 6 PM.

Weekly Schedule


Bible Class - 9:30 AM
Worship -  10:30 AM

Small Groups

Our Small Groups Meet Frequently at intervals of their own discretion. Email for information about our Small Group Ministry or to find out when you can visit one of our groups.