Robinson Church of Christ (RCC) is an autonomous Christian community under the leadership of four elders. Every three years, the congregation has an opportunity to appoint new elders. Elders serve six-year terms and must be re-appointed by the congregation at the end of a term to continue as elder. The elders oversee all aspects of the church, but they are servants first. They serve and serve with all RCC members in tasks big and small.

Most ministries and programs at RCC are overseen by ministry leaders. Ministry leaders are appointed and blessed by the elders and the rest of the congregation to direct a ministry and manage their ministry’s budget.

The Church Administration Council (CAC) prepares and manages the budget and all budget requests for the church. They also establish processes and guidelines to guide administration processes such as elder selection processes, minister search processes, staff evaluations, the job descriptions for staff, and budget submissions. They carry the administrative burden so that our other leaders can concentrate on ministry.

RCC also employs two full-time ministers on staff. Our ministers work with the elders, ministry leaders, and CAC to manage the everyday aspects of the church.